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Rehmat Ali Foundation is a Pakistan Nonprofit Organization of the nations finest charities.  Our purpose is to represent charities that will meet the highest standards of Public Accountability and program effectiveness and to facilitate gifts to those charities from Contributors in fund drives, conducted at work and on the Web.
Rehmat Ali foundation is an Independent Organization formed by a group of Volunteers led by "Ch Munir Ahmed Gujjar", with a strong Desire, Strives and ability in addressing causes including.

* Education
* Human Rights 
* Hunger, Poverty
* Jobseekers
* Mental Disorder 
* Less privileged 
* Research
* Marriage Assistance 
* Handicaps
* Disasters Relief and Health Service etc. 

It was announced on the Birthday of "Chaudhary Rehmat Ali Khan" who gave the name of "Pakistan" but Officially launched on 7th January 2019. 
The Bedrock of this Nonprofit organization has its biggest motivation driven from "Haji Allah Dita" (LATE). 
It health led vision seeks to support, strengthen and secure public relationship. It is committed to improving social and emotional outcomes for a longer-term generation change. 
     You might be asking yourself who is Haji Allah Dita,  especially readers outside Pakistan.


You know who John Cena is to the wrestling crowd? The guy who put smiles on peoples faces and gives his life best to the business. The guy who goes out there day-in-day-out to do what he loves for fans!
That's exactly who "Haji Allah Dita" is to the community and society of South Punjab and especially for the people of Mian Chanu. One of the most recognizable name in society. 
He does whatever he can in his movements and leaves smiles on people's faces. He was a mentor and a very close friend of Ch Munir Ahmad Gujjar. He inspired the founder of NGO throughout his life.


* To help the poor people of Pakistan and Surrounding
* To provide job opportunity,  marriage arrangement for the poor
* To provide wheelchairs and other medical equipment for deserving 
* Respecting the culture and diversity of every family 
* To make the organization be of benefit to the public 
* We strive to treat all people with dignity and respect 
* To render assistance to the Orphanage, Indigent and other less privileged children for their subsistence, shelter, education and medical care etc. 
We came out as a body today and beyond, To render assistance both directly and through establish social welfare Organization that will help rehabilitate people in distress. 
 We have shown you the cause and we strive the means will follow.

NGO mission is to create a transformative community for families Impacted by childhood chronic illness. 
Empower people to enhance health, end hunger and overcome hardship, bringing people the power to raise himself out of the darkness and ultimately eradicate World hunger and poverty. 
We go far beyond providing just financial resources. We focus on goals that help our audience become successful, and developed a sustainable community.
Our emphasis will remain with those in greatest need basically the poor,  which include reaching the unreached people.
NGO defines and details there purpose and services. In just on the world the Organization clarifies its mission to provide aid immediately after a disaster occurs. It explains the change that will arise from the organizing efforts and how we plan to accomplish our mission.

Motivational Regards to:

Ch Munir Ahmad Gujjar 
(CEO Founder of NGO) 

And all other entire bodies and contributors to this great organization! Your efforts are recognised highly in our speech. We say a very big thank you beyond the limit. 

 "We start the days together, as a team. We always finish the huddle feeling confident that we'll get done" 

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